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Rob Booker and Lou Basenese

About Your Time-Travel Hosts,
Rob Booker and Lou Basenese

Rob Booker’s been a professional trader for 20 years, particularly in the foreign-exchange market. He's the author of 2 bestselling books: Trading by Faith and Adventures of a Currency Trader. He's also the host of the Trader’s Podcast, where he teaches trading techniques — including the secrets that made him a millionaire. Since Rob Booker started his career and business in trading, he’s taught thousands of students his financial secrets to success.

For the last 21 years, Lou Basenese has been identifying ways to make fortunes from the markets, with minimal risk. He’s worked at Morgan Stanley, helping to direct over $1.5 billion in capital. He’s helped billion-dollar Silicon Valley firms raise venture capital funding. And he’s the guy that Fox Business, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! Finance, The New York Times, Morningstar, Business Insider, Forbes and MarketWatch turn to when they want to know what’ll happen in the markets next.

What People Are Saying About
Lou’s Recommendations

J. Williamson:

“$3 to $22… major gains. Thank you for all you do and keep it up!”

Walter K.

“I turned a small $13k account into $34k in 4 months on the backs of Lou’s picks. It could have been more but I chickened out a few times. Watching VXRT shoot up over $14 was the most thrilling thing I ever experienced. I mean how could you possibly beat that run? I’m in for life. That new car is almost a reality.”

J. Williamson.

“$3 to $22… major gains. Thank you for all you do and keep it up!”

Lauren P.

“With Lou’s guidance, I have been able to post enormous gains on numerous open and closed positions in my portfolio. I will dedicate some of the profits to savings and reinvest the remainder. Keep up the great work!”

Alan H.

“Let me say it as clearly as I can… Lou picks winners! Simple as that. I have full faith in Lou and eagerly await his emails each month. I feel more confident than ever that my portfolio is heading in the right direction.”

Phil S.

I have more than doubled my initial investment, (and) look forward to continue with you on this investment journey. I like it when I learn a lot and can make money.”

Robin C.

“At the end of March 2020, I followed Lou’s recommendations for covid investments and my portfolio exploded upward to dizzying heights within weeks. Most of his recommendations have doubled and a handful are headed toward 300 - 400% gains. This has meant that I will now be financially secure the rest of my life . During the emotional stress of the pandemic, this has been an amazing boost to my spirits. I am so glad that I took action on Lou’s recommendations back then and I continue to make healthy profits on most of his recommendations since.”

Mary Kay W.

“Lou, I invested a small amount of money in each one of your picks. I did not cherry pick as you advised. Then in early April I invested more. At this stage, I have doubled my investment !!! I have taken a few thousand of my profits and passed it on to our oldest son so he can follow your lead and make money during this odd time in our world. He lost his job due to Covid the week after he and his wife closed on their lovely new home. With another portion of my profits, I paid for my son’s summer courses at University of Oregon! Thank you , Thank you!!”